Bee loved Red Hot Pokers

The Red Hot Pokers are flowering (Kniphofia ‘Winter Cheer’) and this reminds me that last year I assumed that bees didn’t like them, because I hadn’t noticed any bees when I looked at the flowers. Others quickly mentioned that theirs were covered with bees. Sure enough, as the flowers start to go over the bees come in. It’s just a case of timing.

bee in kniphofia flower

The bees are only interested when the flowers open up, which is when they start to look a little shaggy. They were crazy about this clump of yellow ones, it was full of bees.

yellow kniphofia with beesyellow kniphofia flowers with bees

And still quite pretty in the right light.

yellow knifphofia plant

I found that they grow very easily from fresh seed, and cross easily with varieties flowering at the same time. My seeds were from an orange flower and produced a mix of orange and yellow flowering plants.

bee in red hot poker flower



2 thoughts on “Bee loved Red Hot Pokers

  1. Kniphofia were never my favourite flowers but somebody gave me a clump and I noticed the bees had a different opinion. Now they have started to look more attractive to me. Odd. Amelia

    1. Me too. I love the lemon coloured one. We so often see the orange one growing on the roadside, alternating with Hydrangeas or agapanthus. I think they can look better.

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