In a Vase on Monday – Just Joey and Bridal Bouquet

Just Joey is just such a lovely and unusual rose, and although it’s not turning into a big bush, it’s in a tough place beside the driveway, continually battling off the attentions of a purple penstemon on one side and a rosemary on the other. Not to mention the weeds and grasses.
On the other side of the driveway is Bridal Bouquet, one of our first hydrangeas, and one that was bought from a nursery rather than from a cutting, so I know what it’s called.

vase of Just Joey rose with hydrangeas thalictrum and sweet peas and staticeBridal Bouquet opens lime green, turns white, and finally fades to pink. It’s growing happily in semi shade, as is the Thalictrum, which has really taken off, with it’s airy purple and white flowers on stems almost as tall as I am.  The leaves are delicate and airy as well, and the purple flowered ones have dark burgundy stems. The other purple is Statice – Limonium perezii or Perez’s Sea Lavender, which is a bit difficult to say.

just joey rose with hydrangeas thalictrum sweet peas and statice cut flowers

There are lots of Cupani Sweet Peas tucked in around the base. I have plenty to give away this week as I’m trying to keep them picked so that they keep on flowering.

just joey rose bud with statice

Just Joey is such an unusual colour, especially the buds which are almost parchment-like. Check out Rambling in the Garden for vases of flowers from around the world.


30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Just Joey and Bridal Bouquet

    1. Thank you 🙂 this one is staying quite fresh. The statice, thalictrum, and hydrangeas all last well, and Just Joey is holding up as well. I hope you have a great week as well. It’s all a bit crazy at this time of year.

  1. How beautiful – such delightful blossoms, and a joy for those of us in the midst of winter! Good to see your thalictrum – I added about 3 varieties a little over a year ago but they are not well established yet. The airy purple ones are gorgeous, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Cathy, my thalictrum took about 3 years to really flourish. The first year was a drought and I thought I had lost it. The purple ones are lovely with their dark stems.

  2. The ‘Just Joey’ goes amazingly well with the purples and whites. So pretty. Years ago my mother considered adding a ‘Just Joey’ to the garden but she was completely put off by the horrifying, vivid and very ugly photograph the supplier had used in the catalogue. If only she’d known how beautiful it was in real life!

    1. That’s so odd that they used an ugly photo, as it always looks pretty. However my photo of the bud does look a bit weird, like leather or skin, so perhaps they got that kind of effect.

    1. Thanks for making me think about that Eliza 🙂 I guess it is a split complementary, where purple is matched not with yellow which would be its complementary, but with the 2 colours either side of yellow on the colour wheel – the lime of the young hydrangeas on one side and the pale orange of Just Joey on the other.

    1. Oh that sounds lovely. What size are the bushes at your parents?
      Soon it will be our longest day and then your days will start getting longer, and ours will start to slowly dwindle.

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