In a Vase on Monday – Sun and Moon

The full moon rose as orange and round as one of these calendulas last night, although I was thinking of sunshine as I picked them and the California Poppies at the end of the day. California Poppies, Calendula, Cynoglossum, and Dill sow themselves around the garden if they can find a nice place. I sometimes take them for granted, but I’m very grateful for them.


calendula-california-poppies in a-vase

My Shallots were flowering and I’m sure they are not supposed to, and the flowers are so cute, like little elf hats or ice cream cones. Stock and Freesia provide scent, a small Kniphofia a darker orange, and Scilla Natalensis will open its starry blue flowers over the week. Dutch Irises Autumn Princess and a dark purple one with Tulip Black Diamond and Lavenders Dentata and Sidonie provide a complementary foil.


calendulas-in-the-kitchen cut flowers

The sun is moving around the horizon, rising earlier in the East, and our evenings are getting longer, giving me a bit more daylight for photos. Pop over to Rambling in the Garden, where Autumn is being celebrated with Dahlias and Daisies.

21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Sun and Moon

  1. Such striking contrasts, Cath, and I like your title. I keep hoping my Californian poppies will self seed – the white ones do, but not the orange and red ones I have grown, not so far, anyway. Thanks for sharing ps interestingly, we have just had a full moon in the UK too and I am just trying to work out the logistics of that…must be the way the earth tilts…

  2. I love those colours together Cath – such striking tulips! The moon was beautiful here too the last few nights, in a misty autumn sky. The little blue stars are the perfect accompaniment and so lovely to see the fresh dill flowers! 🙂

  3. I love the blue and orange combination. I shall look out for those Dutch Iris, especially the autumn princess. Really pretty. Thanks for sharing – and for following my blog too. Much appreciated. Karen

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