Dutch Iris in a Vase on Monday

Here are some of the flowers I tried to mix with Carnaval de Nice, as well as Iris Autumn Princess, who was never going to share that stage. The first of the Columbines and the last of the Daffodils, with the pretty little sweetly scented ‘Oregon Gold’ in the centre, with Dill flowers, Freesias, Cynoglossum, Sysrinchium, and Veronica gentianoides.




It’s still extremely wet and quite cold here, so it’s nice to have these flowers inside. Join in by picking some flowers or leaves and sharing them with the rest of us at Rambling in the Garden.

11 thoughts on “Dutch Iris in a Vase on Monday

  1. Iris ‘Autumn Princess’ is eye-catching. Lovely with columbine and dill, which seems early to me, but yours must be perennial instead of annual? Ours don’t usually flower until two months past the daffs.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting about the dill. It must be just warm enough here for plants that were seedlings in late summer to make it through the winter to flower in Spring. Autumn Princess is unusual, and definitely eye-catching in the garden, but needs thought about what goes with her.

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