In a Vase on Monday

A few unknown Dahlias and a Gertrude Jekyll Rose in a jam jar – we’re going through the new pear and cinnamon jam very quickly.

rose and dahlias and quince and pearscut flowers dahlia and rose

Rosemary, Geranium, and wild Strawberry leaves make up for the sorry state of the Rose leaves, and a single pink Dianthus echoes the pink in the Rose.

rose and quince and pear

This is the first week for harvesting Quinces, Feijoas, and Kumaras.

Over at Rambling in the Garden Cathy is designing flowers for a wedding.

28 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Lovely Cathy, I’m interested that you have Feijoa fruits, mine rarely make edible fruits and I would have thought your climate was less suited to them than mine, but there you are – that’s gardening!

    1. Hi Christina, that’s interesting, do you have seedlings or named ones? Some of my seedling trees are fine but others have very few fruit, while the named ones are generally reliably loaded. They like a little moisture and/or mulch. I don’t water them but I do mulch with grass and weeds. They are pollinated by birds so maybe that’s an issue? I love them, they are pretty wind tolerant and I think the flowers are very pretty, and of course the fruit is delicious.

  2. Such a pretty jam jar for your blooms – and I thought it was appropriate that you had added Rosemary, Geranium, and wild Strawberry leaves to your blooms as they seemed to fit with the culinary thoughts of jam and new fruit. A seasonal ‘down under’ vase!

    1. They are pretty jars aren’t they? I’ve always used recycled ones before but I splashed out and bought these ones this year and have really appreciated them. You are right, I suppose I am fixated on harvesting right now. I have been drying some herbs, mostly basil so far but thinking I need to do some others.

      1. There is a Christmas legend that the rosemary plant once had white flowers, but when Mary was fleeing from Herod with baby Jesus, one night she draped her blue cloak on a bush and in the morning the flowers had turned blue. A dubious story but that’s why rosemary is often associated with Christmas. Your arrangement is red/green/white, so that’s Christmasy to me, too. 🙂

  3. I loved reading about your harvest – I am just watching the blossom on my fruit trees and keeping my fingers crossed for pollination.The roses are still sticks in the ground and I have started potting up dahlia tubers in my greenhouse. Gertrude Jekyll is one of my favourite roses and I love the way you have combined the flowers with the herbs – it must smell delicious!

    1. Oh fingers crossed that your weather is OK during the blossom. We sometimes get winds and rain at just the wrong time for pollination, but there is always something which does well. 🙂

  4. White looks so pretty with the pinks, Cath. I’m looking forward to Dahlia season this year,mine look like your lovely white ones in form but are pink and peach. Dahlias really fill out a vase.

  5. The simplest of vases has made this arrangement quite perfect Cath! Love the rosemary in the background and the dianthus as an extra splash of pink.Gorgeous!

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