In a Vase on Monday – Salvia

Salvias, Tithonias, and Dahlias are the stars of the Autumn garden. The bees love them, so I took only a few of the Salvia mexicana and mixed them with purple Salvia officinalis and variegated sage leaves.

A few branches of Escallonia ‘Brian’s Gold’ add another light green similar to the lime colour of the Salvia bracts, and Nasturtiums add a contrast colour from the warm side of the colour wheel.

Mexican Salvia Purple Sage varigated sage cut flowers

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme.

13 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Salvia

  1. Nasturtiums can be so underrated, can’t they? I like the injection of colour they give here and the fact that like the sage they are useful in our kitchens. Even though they like a bit of neglect the ones I had in baskets last year should have had more water than they did, so I must try harder this year! Thanks for sharing today.

    1. I love nasturtiums and I agree, because they grow well and seed down some people see them as weedy. Every bit of them is pretty and nice in salads, and at some times of year they help beat back the real weeds. They were looking a bit droopy last night but today they have perked right up.

    1. I’ve always thought of Salvias as drought tolerant, but they seem to vary. Certainly all of them have done better this year with regular rainfall. This one is the large version so it’s about 5 ft tall and wide. It’s dramatic and I love the colours, however nit as long flowering as some of the others.

  2. The orange nasturtiums add so much color against the lime bracts of the salvia, and I like the burgundy salvia blossoms too. Cath. Your vase reminds me to plant some Nasturtium seeds soon. It’s really warming up here, 30ºC.

    1. Wow 30 degrees, that’s a really hot day here, and it’s only April. My nasturtiums seem to be coming away now that it’s cooling off a bit.

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