Treats for Bees in Late Spring – November

Bumble Bees were going for pink in November, diving into the big fluffy ‘Fire Circle’ Poppies and the Foxglove ‘Strawberry Merton’ and disappearing, coming out of the foxgloves powdery with pollen.

breadseed poppybumble bee on poppylittle bumble bee in poppybumble bee in poppy



On the native trees front Cabbage trees (Cordyline Australis) took over from the Lemonwood to perfume the air with their enormous sprays of flowers, buzzing with honey bees.

bee on cabbage tree

cordyline flowercordyline australis flower with beehoney bee on te kouka flowercabbage trees cordyline in flower
At the end of the month there was a brief but intense party in the olive trees, in between rain showers which made it difficult to photograph.olive flowers

4 thoughts on “Treats for Bees in Late Spring – November

    1. It is a lovely poppy, it changes from red to pink as it opens, so goes through a beautiful stage where it is red fading into pink. I had the name wrong, it’s an heirloom poppy which they didn’t have a name for so called it ‘fire circle’. I bought the seed at the same time as I bought bread seed poppies, which didn’t grow, but I get the names mixed up.

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