In a Vase on Monday – saving blooms from the weather

I don’t feel bad taking flowers away from the garden this week, the wind and rain are going to trash the first Freesias, there are lots of daffodils, and the tulips will be over by next week. Bringing them back to the city means I can enjoy them for a bit more time.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts ‘In a Vase on Monday’, for which I’ve photographed them prior to bringing them back this morning as the trip can be a little hard on them. I remember reading about Beverly Nichols driving back to London with vases full of flower arrangements carefully packed into the back seat with blankets. Mine must fit into a milk bottle which rides in the cup holder. There’s plenty of room for interactions with the dog or the winding road to cause the flowers to suddenly lose all their petals.


Daffodil Kiwi Sunset is a bit brighter than I would have chosen, although in the garden it hangs it’s head a bit so is not so startling. Still, I much prefer the single, which is ‘my Word’. I love the white cistus, so pretty and poppy-like and not shown at its best in this night time photo, although it doesn’t last long in a vase, and the Narcissus Early Cheer are one of my favourites with their strong scent. The red freesias are the dominant scent though, just the two of them scenting the whole room.

12 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – saving blooms from the weather

  1. You should bring home some of the lovely flowers you plant. It seems so funny to be reading about your spring when we are now going into our fall. I will be curious to see how your garden grows. I love the bouquet in the glass vase too.

  2. It’s neat being able to enjoy some spring flowers when it’s almost fall here, I like the orange trumpets and double one too, they are my favorite daffodil colors, though bright. I’m imagining the fragrance of the daffs and freesia, must be lovely. The olives on the header vase go well with the buds on the freesias, and the red tulips are vibrant red too. I like the crepey romantic blooms of the Cistus, and the fruit makes a nice accompaniment.

    1. Thanks! I do love all of the colours, and they go well with the citrus which is fruiting now. For some reason I haven’t put orange Daffs under the citrus trees – I will try that next year.

  3. With all the lovely spring flowers I gather that you’re in the southern hemisphere, Cath. Your vase of saved flowers is very pretty and a good reminder to those of us in the northern hemisphere that we need to buy some freesias and daffodil bulbs soon if we want to enjoy them when spring comes around here.

  4. Thanks for joining us with your vase this week – I had to smile when I read about you and your Beverley Nicholls memories as I so enjoy his books too (discovered through blogging…) as it is not long since a friend pointed out to me that VW Beetle cars come with a vase that clips into place in various parts of the car (or at least they used to)… 😉 It is strangely refreshing to see your spring blooms as most of the Monday vases seem to be northern hemisphere ones – so thanks for sharing!

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