First Iris of Spring

With Satsuma plum, Rosemary Chef’s Choice, and Austin Rose Strawberry Hill in the background.

I realise it’s not just the flowers of the Dutch Iris but the masses of silvery leaves which make them so important in early Spring. They seem to be as tough and reliable as Daffodils, some continuing to come for several years even in areas which have now become pathways.

The Chef’s Choice Rosemary is the last one to start flowering for me, taking over from the prostrate and vertical varieties which have been providing pollen for the bees over Winter.

The roses haven’t really stopped flowering this winter, although we have had some very icy mornings and they have lost most of their leaves. I think it’s that we haven’t had icy winds and rain combined. (As yet)

2 thoughts on “First Iris of Spring

    1. Thanks! There are more of them now, some dark purple ones are out. Today was very windy and rainy for photos, but they keep going for quite a few weeks so I will take some more photos next week.

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