Feather flowers, Narcissus, & Snowflakes in a vase on Monday

Feather Flower (Phylica plumosa) is a South African shrub. It doesn’t really like our clay soil, but this one is clinging to a steep slope and still doing well after three years. Bumble bees love it.

The tall bird head like flower is an ornithogalum. It has pretty green and white flowers up close.

There are a few different narcissi which are similar to the little Paper Whites. The one with the darker yellow cup is Avalanche. I’m not sure of the name of the one below.

As always, thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for reminding me to enjoy flowers inside as well as in the garden.

4 thoughts on “Feather flowers, Narcissus, & Snowflakes in a vase on Monday

  1. This collection of different whites look really effective, with their different forms and textures. I have tried ornithogalum but it seems quite temperamental here (although can supposedly be thuggush when it is happy) – but it’s such a pretty flower

    1. This is my first go with the one called Pregnant Onion – Albuca caudatum, which I think is mostly grown in a pot. I have Albuca nelsonii- ‘Slime Lily’ ( nice names!) growing outside. It does well in dry shade, and is not a thug in that location. The flowers are bigger and looser so maybe a bit harder in a vase.

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