In a Vase on Monday – Pink Posy with Roses and Dahlias

Right, these are more favourite Dahlias. Dahlia Profundo is the darker pink one. It’s not a big dahlia, but the little pink single is really tiny; it’s tubers are tiny too. It was a favourite of C’s mum, given to me by his aunt. Although it’s so small it has real presence, with the fully open flowers standing straight up and facing outward.
pink dahlias and roses in a vase

For scent, English Rose Gertrude Jekyll, Keith Hammet Dianthus ‘Scent from Heaven’, and ‘Angel of Charm’ and Scented Geraniums Apple and Nutmeg.
pink flowers in a vase with treespink single dahliaDahlias Prospero in a vasepink dahlia single flower
Although the mornings are noticeably darker now, the days are still hot. UK and North America are having late snow and cold weather but there are brave Spring flowers for in a Vase on Monday at Rambling in the Garden.

25 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Pink Posy with Roses and Dahlias

  1. It is warming to see your lovely summer flowers. Spring is slow to arrive so I need all the help I can get to see me through to spring! I think that you’re right, a small flower can have just as much impact as a large one in a vase.

    1. It’s lucky we have seasons, there seems to come a time when you just need a change, although the end of Winter when everything is muddy is the worst I think. I’m grateful for slightly cooler nights these days. Japanese Anemones are starting to make flower buds, so Autumn is coming.

  2. Thanks for showing these wonderful blooms…a reminder that we need to keep up planning and planting to achieve such beauties. The sheen off the pottery tankard shows up nicely in the light.

  3. Your pictures have a great mood about them. They made me sigh and brightened my snowy Reader up no end! (It isn’t all snowy, but you know what I mean – there has been a liberal dusting online, much as outside the window.)

  4. Oh those pinks are especially pretty, Cath – and like Christina says, this taste of things to come is very welcome for those of us in the northern hemisphere!

    1. Thanks Cathy, I’m looking forward to planting some Spring bulbs. I have lots of planting to do once the building is finished on the outside.

      1. And so pretty – the stamens are an astonishingly vibrant yellow. It was gifted to me by a neighbour who had just looked round our garden for the first time and who went home with a snowdrop and pulmonaria from me

  5. Ali

    That is such a gorgeous arrangement! Beautiful colours and blooms, and I love your close-ups and different angles. All the more wonderful for being photographed outside.

  6. Such glorious colours. I love those dahlias. I’d love to grow that little one in the uk.any idea of its name? I’m searching for the other named one now. You would never know there had been snow here, unless you peek into the ditches which are still full of snow drifts right up the sides of the hedges where the wind has blown it. Such a perishing cold wind. The poor birds here have suffered terribly and today we found some tiny casualties which made feel very sad. Warmer weather is in the way though. Thanks for sharing your flowers.

  7. Thanks Karen, I’m glad that your weather is improving. I think that the little pink dahlia is called ‘Bonne Esperance’ (‘Good Hope’).

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