In a Vase on Monday – Phormium and Dahlias, Orange and Yellows

Often I only notice flax flowers when the Tuis are drinking the nectar, but this one is from a pot by the door of the greenhouse, so the deep orange of the flowers and the dark brown-purple stem caught my eye. It’s unfortunately disappearing into the background in my photo.
flowers in a vase
The single Dahlias with dark leaves are a mix of Keith Hammett Dahlias and their children. The bees love them the best, so I rarely pick them.

I’m especially fond of Dahlia ‘Eveline’, the delicate white with mauve edges.

A single Calianthus is enough scent for the whole vase. This is one flower which hasn’t liked the extra moisture this year – some of the flowers wilted on the plant, and many of the leaves look rusty.
dahlia and rudbeckia flowers

Other flowers in the vase are Rudbeckia, a seed grown Kniphofia, Lavender ‘Sidonie’ a seed grown lemon and white dahlia, and Escallonia ‘Gold Brian’ foliage.

Visit Rambling in the Garden to see more flowers or to post your own.

27 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Phormium and Dahlias, Orange and Yellows

  1. A lush, romantic collection. Lovely. I assembled a dream order of dahlias recently, influenced by your beautiful arrangements, but have not done the final editing. Must order soon. Have a good week.

    1. The names are great aren’t they. I have a couple of fruit trees apparently named after the local person who discovered it in her garden. One is a plum ‘Louisa’, and the other a purple leaved nectarine called ‘Mabel’ .

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. I’m having a little struggle accepting the words ‘late summer’, I think I will go for the longer and more cumbersome ‘late mid-summer’ 🙂

  2. What a lovely selection, and good to have some worthwhile seedling dahlias too; when I have tried they invariably turn out plain yellow or orange. We are enjoying your dahlias, especially as some of us have recently been potting up our tubers for this year

    1. Interesting that yours are yellow or orange. My singles have been quite varied, but more reds, and all kept their dark leaves. I’ve only had one double which was the white/lemon one. I think that it’s parent was a big burgundy and white one. The seeds sprouted into little plants while still in the seedhead on the plant.

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