Mid Summer

I’m still madly busy, so much so that I spent a rare weekend in the city, worrying that the birds would feast on my first really big tomatoes. As it turns out, they left the really big ones alone, and there is plenty for all of us – we are really into bruschetta season now. It was raining all weekend anyway, we have had almost 4 inches – 92 mm of rain since we were here 2 weeks ago.
The first windows are in the barn house – so exciting! We are oiling more redwood weatherboards this week, and looking after vegetables in any spare time.
Here are a few photos – these are from mid January.

chard going to seed with plum tree
Ruby Chard forming seed by a plum tree. Great seeds for micro greens

Chard and Bishjops weed with new house
Coming down the driveway
Salvia Bouton with Phormium in the background
Salvia Bouton with phormium in the background 

poppies and grasses

6 thoughts on “Mid Summer

    1. Thank you! That light is making it’s way toward you – Orion, who is upside down here, which makes him look more like someone dancing, is moving further toward the West every night, he knows the party is moving your way.

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