Crazy Pink Gladioli In a Vase on Monday

I’m really not sure why I grow ‘Glads’, as my Grandpa used to call them. I selected the subtlest of the available colours – 2 different softish pinks, and planted them around orange trees in a raised bed on the sunny side of the water tank. They have gone wild, shooting up in all directions, more every year, covering up the young orange trees and the runner beans behind them. I’m sure it’s the mixture of 3 manures (llama, chicken, and sheep) that made them go so mad – they are relatively normal where I’ve transplanted some to the other side of the water tank.

gladiola in garden with mountain papaya

There’s still something so over the top about them, but they sort of blend in in a tropical setting, here with Mountain Papaya,  species Cannas, Brugmansia, and  Alocasia Odora.

gladioli in big vase

They are combined here with Hydrangea Blue Wave and Bridal Bouquet, and unnamed blue Hydrangea macrophylla, white Thalictrum, Lavender Sidonie, and a few sweet peas.

pink gladiolus flowers

gladioli flowers macro

I also couldn’t resist another vase of blue Hydrangeas, and lots of little vases of Sweet Peas.

blue hydrangeas in a white jug

hydrangea flowers in jug

Be sure to check out Cathy’s blog Rambling in the Garden where there are snowdrops and SNOW! today.

24 thoughts on “Crazy Pink Gladioli In a Vase on Monday

  1. Whilst we are cold and wet, the view of your Exotic plantings and your vase of hydrangeas, and then that lovely gladioli are a wonderful tonic. You definitely have found the perfect tonic for your plants.

  2. My father also grew “glads”, I admit I prefer the simpler ones in the garden but in a vase your larger hybrids work brilliantly. I must give my bulbs some goodness; they didn’t grow at all well this summer.

  3. I love the delicate colours of these gladioli but would only grow the smaller varieties here – what a statuesque vase your first one must be, with the gladioli and then the hydrangea round the vase – and what an inviting view your first photograph shows, enticing us to an unseen place round the bend!

  4. I had never thought about it before, but gladioli do have a tropical look about them. Not in your vase of hydrangeas though – oh, they are sooooo lovely! That colour is magical. Having gladiolis spreading in the garden along with the hydrangeas must be nice. Love that first photo with the gladi beckoning for us to come and take a closer look! 🙂

  5. Perfect to have a view of summer when we are in the depths of winter. The ‘glads’ are very pretty though I know what you mean. They are difficult to place well and can be garish but you’ve got to love them for their exuberance.

  6. Glads can be dramatic in big, showy arrangements. I haven’t had your kind of luck…maybe I need to seek out some manure sources.
    How do you condition your hydrangeas so that they last in a bouquet. I always find that the fresh ones wilt quickly. They sure are beautiful in your arrangements.

    1. Thank Rickii, I don’t really do anything unusual to condition them – just put them in a large jug of water. They usually last better than other flowers for me, but I did notice this time that the ones with small flowers which were younger sappy growth wilted more quickly.

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