In a Vase on Monday – Pink Roses with Pinks and Ixias

Here are my favourite pink roses: English Rose ‘Gertrude Jeykll’, Delbard ‘Chartreuse de Parme’, and Rugosa Rose ‘Anne Endt’.
vase of roses pinks and ixias

rose strawberry hill and chartreuse de parme and ixias cut flowers
The light pink rose is English Rose Strawberry Hill, which has a strong scent but one I don’t like as much.
pinks dianthus cut flowers and rugosa rose
I love the long buds of the Rugosa, unfortunately the open single flowers lost their petals on the way home. This is a rose which bees love as well. There are a lot of little dianthus in here as well, so the scent is amazing.
pink English roses cut flowers

Pop round to Rambling in the Garden to share some garden fireworks.

27 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Pink Roses with Pinks and Ixias

    1. Thanks Noelle, it did scent the room. The roses are almost gone now, just a few buds left, but the dianthus are still looking good. BTW I loved your Fuschia ‘Star Wars’ – I am looking out for it, just such a pretty colour combination.

    1. Thank you Cathy. They didn’t really die back completely this Winter – we didn’t have much cold weather. They normally do a flush around now, and then on and off all summer and maybe another flush in April as the weather cools.

  1. Your roses are beautiful Cath, and so early too! Or perhaps that is normal in your climate? I love the scent of Dianthus and can imagine the whole bouquet smells delicious! 😉

    1. I think it’s pretty normal. At this time of year we get the usual mix of warm days followed by cold and rain. It’s less windy this year so far which is a bonus. 🙂

  2. Delightful roses – looking at them takes me right back to June. They immediately got me googling, particularly for ‘Chartreuse de Parme’ – what a special rose. I could almost smell the roses and dianthus coming off my computer screen!

    1. Chartreuse de Parme was the first rose I bought for this garden. I thought that I had ‘gone off’ roses, but I smelled this one while shopping for fruit trees and it took me right back to my grandparents garden.

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