We have part of a wall!

Things seem to be suddenly going quite quickly, now that we have finished digging holes and filling them up again. 2 big truckloads of wood have arrived, and the concrete truck was expected there today to fill up the block wall. And it hasn’t rained much at all this week.


4 thoughts on “We have part of a wall!

  1. That’s interesting; I’ve never heard of filling block work with concrete, usually, here, it’s either left empty for the air to act as insulation or it’s filled with foam for even more insulation. When I saw your inspiration image I imagined that you would be building a timber framed building. I probably watch too many ‘build’ programmes (Grand Designs and the house that 100K built) for my own good!

    1. Yes, it seems like forever that we have been planning, it is around a year now since we started the plans – so very exciting to see something above the ground!

  2. This part of the wall will be underground, so it will act as a retaining wall – I guess that’s why it needs to be filled for strength. The rest of the building will be wood, although not timber frame as in post and beam. I would love to build post and beam, but it’s not common here and would require a lot more work I think. Maybe for the next one 🙂

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