In a Vase on Monday- Spring Brutality

Now that the digger has dug a deep hole for the new building it was not the ideal time for 3 inches of rain and hail. Gale force winds made the hail on the unlined tin roof sound like a jack hammer, and thunder literally shook the hut. Amazingly, the blossom is still clinging to the trees, but I thought it was wise to pick the few tulips that escaped being dug up and eaten.
tulip photograph
Plodding along in the cold rain and hail, my gum boots weighed down by massive clay blobs, I consoled myself that this was nothing compared to the hurricanes which were hitting Cuba, Bahamas, and Florida.

I belatedly moved all the remaining plants on the edge of the building site. Established Rosemary and Lavender plants don’t like transplanting, so hopefully the constant rain made it easier for them. The Freesia ‘Burtonii’ and Osteospermum ‘Buttermilk’ flowers are from transplants. Other flowers in the vase are Perennial Stocks – a scent I really love, a Vethemia capensis, and the first of the anemones.
tulips, freesias cut flowers

flowers in vase photograph

Thanks to Cathy for hosting ‘In a Vase on Monday’ at Rambling in the Garden.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- Spring Brutality

    1. Thank you. It has been particularly awful. I’m glad the lambs are big and strong already, and can shelter in the bush. Often this happens earlier when they are smaller.

  1. Oh what a beautiful picture your main one is – with a real oil painting Old Master effect – lovely, especially the tulips. I am not able to read all your posts, so do you mind telling me what you are building?

    1. Thank you, I think it’s partly the subject matter and partly the low light that makes them look that way. I haven’t actually blogged about the new building but I will try to do that this week. It will have workshop and storage and a place to stay. (With an indoor bathroom!)

  2. You made great use of your rescued blooms. I have to remember to cut my Veltheimia the next time it blooms – they never last long in the garden here so enjoying them in a vase seems the right idea. I hope your building project goes smoothly from here out!

    1. This is true – I thought at the time that I would have loved to be able to shed the guilt and stay inside reading all day! But in the end I’m glad I got out.

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