Bee Hive in Spring

In a window of sunshine amid clouds and rain last weekend we opened the beehives. Beresford’s hive was full of brood, with only a bit of honey left. Luckily we were prepared for this as it was exactly what our beekeeping friend had thought might happen, so we gave the hive sugar water and pollen substitute. This seemed to go down well.

Although it has been a sunny week and things are finally drying out a bit,  we refilled the syrup and pollen substitute today, just to be sure.
Eleanor’s hive is still barely alive, but there is a frame of brood with a little bit of honey, and no sign of varroa now. Here are some pics of Beresford’s hive, showing all the stages of brood, from egg to capped. We didn’t see Beresford herself this time.
bees with broodbees with brood on framebees with brood in hivebees with brood (2)bees on framebees brood all ages in hivebee frame in springbee brood

8 thoughts on “Bee Hive in Spring

  1. Such a relief to see healthy brood in the spring knowing they will be out on the trees and flowers soon. Which are the trees that give your bees the most pollen in the spring? One of our bees favourites is the goat willow. Your trees are so different from ours. Amelia

    1. They are bringing a lot of pollen from Rosemary, Mustard, and Erysimum – which I have photographed and hopefully will post this week. Gorse is also flowering now but we don’t have much near to us. There are a few Willows around, and Tree Lucerne and early Manuka. I think most of the other trees flower a little later. The early plums are just starting to bloom this week.

  2. deluong

    Hi, I am a new beekeeper, can someone please help me with my problem below
    On the 5/10 – I took 2 frames with bees and broods from one of my hive and placed in a new brood chamber. 1 of the frames got the Queen cell.
    On 12/10 – I inspected that new hive and found that the Queen cell opened but I could not find the Queen, also I found another Queen cell which I removed it as well.
    19/10 – I inspect again to see if any eggs but did not see any thing, also can not see the Queen at all, what should I do? Wait a bit longer or put the new Queen in?
    Please advise.

    1. Hi De, I’m not an experienced bee keeper, but my hive is in a similar situation right now, with the queen having left with a swarm. We didn’t see the new queen either. My beekeeper friend said that it can take a while for the new queen to get mated and start laying eggs. I left an extra queen cell in the hive, just in case.

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