Michelia and Magnolia in a Vase on Monday

Our neighbour dropped by on the weekend with these beautiful dark red Magnolia flowers. Given that many of the well known dark red magnolias were bred here in New Zealand by the Jury family, I guess this may be Vulcan, or one of the hybrids descended from it. The flowers are enormous, and immediately suggested the addition of close relation, a Michelia, adding both beauty and scent.

Michelia Bubbles flower

Michelia ‘Bubbles’ is one of the strongest scents in the garden, even in windy wet weather sending a wet blast of perfume. Bred here in New Zealand by the late Oswald Blumhart, Bubbles is a cross between the large, floppy flowered Michelia doltsopa, and Michelia figo, the ‘Port Wine Magnolia’ with small scented flowers and compact growth habit. Michelias are now considered to be Magnolias, following recent DNA work, and the flowers are certainly similar.

It was dark rainy weather so I tried to catch a little more light by balancing the bowl on a limestone rock.
Magnolia flowercut flowers magnolia

Meanwhile on the other side of the world deep red is glowing in vases of Dahlias at Rambling in the Garden

11 thoughts on “Michelia and Magnolia in a Vase on Monday

    1. It is lovely although I actually prefer the smaller flowered scented Michelias. These are mostly are white or cream or slightly pink, but the Jurys are breeding for more colours.

  1. That’s interesting to read about the breeding of magnolias in NZ – this dark red one is lovely – and also about the scents as it had never occurred to me that some magnolias might be scented. Thanks for sharing all this with us today

  2. I love dark Magnolias, I didn’t know they had been bred in NZ; but I suppose the climate is ideal. I planted two in spring (bad time) and I’m nursing them through their first summer.

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