In a Vase on Monday – Poppy and Lime

This week the first Poppy flowered, and the little pearly bulbs C’s father gave me from his garden revealed themselves to be (I think) Lachenalia bulbifera. The first pale green flowers of Hellebore x sternii seem a good companion, set with limes, in front of the lime trees, which are sheltering a large group of sparrows from the occasional rain. You wouldn’t know they were there, but every time I get too close the tree erupts into squabbling and shuffling.

cutflowers and limes

There are the first Grevillia flowers as well, curled up like snails and almost the same pale green as the Hellebores. The beautifully scented shrubby wallflower,  lemon coloured Erysimum with burgundy pointed buds, the yellow leaves of Escallonia Gold Brian, a bud of Narcissus ‘Indian Maid’,  a Mustard flower, a Dill, and the Milkweed / Swan Plant seed pods add the lemon and pale lime colours I was looking for. The yellow Kniphofia is a tiny bit too warm a yellow – but once I picked it I didn’t want to waste it, since I was depriving the bees of a treat.

cut flowers poppy hellebore grevillia kniphofiaAt Rambling in the Garden this week Cathy has been carried away in an extravaganza of colour by full summer flowers.

cut flower hellebore sternii


17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Poppy and Lime

  1. I love your collection of lime greens with the poppy contrast – it is good to be reminded how valuable green is in our gardens, whatever the season. Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes, they are sort of shaped like a fat, short-necked swan. I used to think the plants were quite ugly because I had only seen spindly ones in pots, but they grow into quite a big plant and I quite like them now. The Monarchs need them to feed caterpillars and the bees like the flowers.

    1. Well, we have had a nice June – not quite as much rain as usual. But the worst is probably yet to come in terms of stormy weather – certainly too early for starting summer seedlings. However the bees have started ‘laying’ again, so they Are getting ready.

  2. I love all the lime touches. I just picked up a specimen of that same milkweed, not yet in bloom. It goes by the somewhat naughty name of “family jewels” here.

    1. Oh yes, I have one which is like the swan plant but the seed pods are more round and slightly wrinkled/lumpy – always attracts attention 🙂

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