In a Vase on Monday – Chat Noir and Akita

Akita is definitely badly behaved, even more so than last year. In the torrential rain this weekend I did find that the flopping upside down flowers provide an exotic rain shelter for bumble bees. By contrast, even after 4 inches of rain last week the Chat Noir Dahlias looked pretty good – just a few spots on some of the petals.

Dahlia Chat Noir Macro

Chat Noir has long strong stems and formed a big clump with plenty of flowers.

Dahlias Chat Noir and AkitaVase of Dahlias Chat Noir and Akita

Vase of Dahlias Chat Noir and Akita

The vase also holds the remains of some silky unseasonal Shirley Poppies which lost all their petals in a beautiful heap within hours of being picked, and a white cactus dahlia which came in a mixed bag last year.

Over at Rambling in the Garden where Cathy hosts this weekly meme you will find people collecting flowers from their gardens around the world in all seasons.


24 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Chat Noir and Akita

  1. Oh I do like Chat Noir! beautiful colour and better still if if doesn’t flop. My Dahlias aren’t showing through the ground yet but it shouldn’t be long if they have survived our hard winter this year.

    1. Chat Noir is anything but floppy. I’ll have to post a photo of the plant. I hope your dahlias come up. For me it seems that newly planted ones come up before those that have wintered over. I guess this is because they are less crowded, have more compost and fewer weeds so more sun.

  2. How good to be seeing your dahlias when mine are just biding their time in pots, waiting to sprout… Chat noir certainly sounds a good do-er… do I have space for any more dahlias…? Thanks for sharing

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