Spring – hail, thunder, howling gales and lambs

Hail, thunder, gale force winds, and the mud that results from weeks of the same made it an interesting weekend for gardening. The rain may have softened the blow for the dogwoods which I mistakenly planted on a steep dry bank – having survived for two years their reward is to be dug up and wrestled into a wheelbarrow for transport to a wetter place.

The bees were the keenest of us: while sheltering from the hail, I watched them venture out into what must have been giant lumps of ice falling around them. This boldness was in total contrast to our dog, who decided he had to share our bed as the hut shook with thunder and rattled with hail.

After a night like that it was lovely to wake in the morning to lambs on the lawn. Even the deck was an interesting place to explore until Mom got annoyed with my paparazzi behaviour and called them away.

lamb on the step

The picnic table made a convenient shelter while Mom and Auntie enjoyed the tender grass which is so much nicer than what they have in their paddock.

lambs under the table

lambs under the table

lambs and pumpkinslambs runninglambs feedinglambs on the lawnlambs leavinglambs and sheep on the lawn

Unfortunately many of the small native trees planted last year have been brutally pruned, so fence fixing was one of the jobs for Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Spring – hail, thunder, howling gales and lambs

  1. Those lambs are worth forgetting about the strange weather. Mum certainly looks proud of them, she has a very expressive face. Your bees are hardy, I can’t see ours budging if there was hail. Amelia

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