In a Vase on Monday – Autumn Roses and Chrysanthemums

This little pink Chrysanthemum is the only one I have been able to find until this year – I’ve just found a yellow one and ordered it. I’m envious of all the lovely Chrysanthemums that seem to be available outside of NZ.

roses and pink chrysanthemum cut flowers

The yellow and white daisies are Marguerites, the white one is called Argyranthemum ‘Sultan’s Pride’, and makes a lovely blue green mound in the garden. The roses are Gertrude Jeykll, definitely the strongest and best performer in my garden, and with a lovely complex scent.

roses and daisies with Salvia cut flowers

There are two blue Salvias, African Sky and Salvia Uliginosa, some purple Indigo Spires, and the burgundy ‘Wendy’s Wish’. The little yellow flowers are wild rocket.

roses daisies and chrysanthemums bouquet

Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme every week over at Rambling in the Garden.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Autumn Roses and Chrysanthemums

  1. A beautiful combination of blooms, beautifully arranged. The pink Chrysanthemum is very pretty. I wonder why they are so difficult to find in NZ, I would have thought your climate was good for them.

    1. Thank you Christina 🙂 We used to have a good variety of chrysanthemums, and then they went out of fashion. I think they are still grown for show and for cut flowers but there don’t seem to be many for sale to the public. Potted plants used to be popular for Mothers Day so I should have a look around this week. I used to have a lovely rusty coloured one, and I really love that green one I have seen in IAVOM vases.

  2. Definitely a different colour palette – lovely soft colours. Did I say that I added GJ to the garden last autumn to replace an underperforming rose? Please get better soon

    1. Thanks Cathy I’m feeling better today. I’m planning to plant Munstead Wood near to GJ – I think the dark crimson will look good next to her strong pink, and MW is supposed to be tough as well, and was the name of her garden.

    1. Thanks Donna, we are getting a lovely warm sun now and it’s dry, now that I have harvested the kumaras thinking we weren’t going to get a dry patch.

    1. Thank you! The jug is Crown Lynn, an early NZ ceramics company which made a lot of basic crockery for the railways and army as well as more popular homewares later on.

  3. We seem to have come 1/2 circle with you, my roses are just beginning to bloom. The colors of your bouquet are so pretty, I like the pale pink chrysanthemum. A local club has their sale this weekend for Mother’s day and will have a great selection of styles and colors, but I don’t usually grow more than one since I have to keep it in the house over the winter and can kill it. I find them easy to grow from cuttings so try to take some at the end of summer.

    1. Thank you Hannah. It’s easy to get too many things which need coddling in one way or another. I got so carried away seeing all the lovely IAVOM tulips that I ordered a whole bunch more and they are taking up a huge space in my fridge.

  4. That is soooo pretty Cath! I am now excited about my Gertrude Jekyll rose planted late last summer. I hope it is as gorgeous as yours! Your garden must look wonderful right now with those lovely blooms. The pink Chrysanth is very sweet – hard to believe they are hard to find in your country.

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