In a Vase on Monday – Ixias and Iris

It was a busy weekend moving plants to make space for a bigger water tank. So initially I collected flowers from plants which needed to be pruned before moving.

3 vases of flowers

Salvia Wendy's wish cut flowerSalvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ had to have its brittle branches cut back. The magenta flowers have dropped but the bracts are still lovely, the same dusty velvet colour of the Burgundy Iceberg Rose which moved with it.

California Poppies

The bright pink flowers of the Rose Scented Pelargonium were next. I have to admit that the Irises were not being moved, however lots of them are flowering now, and the good thing about bringing them back is that we get to enjoy them all week.

Plenty of purple Columbine were struggling under the rampant Mint, so I hope they will be happier where I have moved them. The perennial White Stock has a wonderful scent, blending with the Sweet Alyssum but not overpowering it. California poppies add such a bright spark to all that green and purple and Linaria has lovely wavy wands of purple flowers.

Iris cut flowers

Artichoke leaves and seed laden stems from a South African Restio give some structure. The blue flowers spikes of another member of the Iris family, a Sisyrinchium, are similar in shape to the Ixias, and the Ixias themselves are new this year. So far they seem to be all the same colour but it’s a lovely one, Crimson shading to pink and pale yellow.

Dutch Iris and ixia cut flowere

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17 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Ixias and Iris

  1. Yes, what a joy to be seeing the freshness of your spring flowers when most of us are at the tail end of our season. This has been my first year of Californian poppies (but red and white ones, not ‘orange’) and I have been thrilled with their staying power. Thanks for sharing today ps is your water tank for the garden, or to provide water for the home?

    1. Hi Cathy, I bought a poppy mixture and the cream and orange were the ones which came back – not in great numbers but they do seem to keep going. I would like to try the red ones too. The water tank is for both home and garden – the bigger tank will increase the total storage by 25,000 litres, and the smaller tank will be set up so it can be ‘locked off’ from the rest of the water supply so that we can use it on the garden without danger of losing the entire water supply if there is a leak.

  2. I LOVE your arrangements! There is an abundance and beauty to them that makes them so special. Favorites are the super lovely columbine and the ixia. Do you have a cultivar name for the columbine. I love the way the purple bleeds into the white. A stunner.

    1. Thank you! I grew the Columbine from seed, it was a mixture. This is the second year and they are mostly purple or purple and white this year. I love Ixias too. I did plant a couple Green Ixias as well which are supposed to be turquoise, however they haven’t shown up yet.

  3. It’s delightful seeing your gorgeous spring bulbs, Cath, and the dark purple of the iris adds so much. I am still enjoying what is left of fall, but your flowers make me think of the glories of spring and what seeds I want to buy for next year.

  4. It’s a lovely thing looking through seed catalogues and fall is a nice time to collect seeds as well. This morning I transplanted a few leftover parsnips into a place where I hope they will flower and set seed for next fall. Now if I could just get organised to plant more of the seeds I have collected…:)

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