New Fruit Trees, and Dahlias

It’s been a very windy week here, and rainy in the city. Down here there has been almost no rain, and the wind has dried things up a bit. We got some bare root trees, which got lost on the courier so have been travelling for over a week, so they really need to go in the ground.
Today of course it is raining. We have been out in rain jackets and picked spots and dug 3 holes, which I have covered with coffee bags to keep the rain out. I need to carry more compost and good dirt up the hill, and dig 3 more holes. But we have come in, it’s raining too hard. I didn’t get wet thanks to my rain gear, but my gloves were wet through. These are the ones that have to go in asap:

1 apricot Fitzroy on peach rootstock
1 apple Freyburg on MM 106
1 apple Reinette du Canada
1 apple Granny Smith on Northern Spy
1 pear William Bon Cretien on Quince
1 pear Doyenne du Commice on Quince

I also got a grape, Niagra, and 11 Chilean guavas, a Persimmon, and a mini kiwifruit – a girl and a boy. I have just left these in the rain for today. The Chilean guavas look in good condition.
Lots of the other plants I put in last week got a bit battered by the wind and dryness. The lavenders which I brutally transplanted look OK so far which is a surprise.

12 Dahlias came, Ron Howard and a few others I ordered must be out of stock.
3x Nuit d’Etre
3x Amorangi Pearl
3x Cameo
3x Mary Evelyn
It says to plant these in flats in some nice potting mix – so I could take them out to the greenhouse. I need to get some compost and bring it into the greenhouse first though.

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