Miniature Gladiolus and Winter Fruits

I found this one miniature gladiolus growing in a large pot in a sunny place. It hasn’t been subjected to the mud which is everywhere at ground level and so is flowering while we are still technically in Winter.

With it is Cerinthe or Honeywort, an early plant just coming in to flower, with it’s lovely leaves varying from light yellow green through to almost turquoise and the purple flowers bees love. I added a few rocket flowers from winter salad pots on the deck at the last.

I’ve paired the flowers with grapefruit which matches the slightly greenish yellow in the gladiolus, a red tamarillo, some habaneros which have fruited all winter in the unheated greenhouse, and a jar of last year’s honey which has crystalised in beautiful little flower shapes.

Winter fruit with crystal honey flowers

The Kanuka trees make a honey which crystallises easily, but mostly it just turns to sugar in the jar. I have no idea why a few jars have crystalised so beautifully. It’s like delicious cake decorations to eat. I’ve been making ice cream lately, so perhaps I should try stirring some in, or drizzling it on top.

Crystalised honey in shapes like flowers
Cerinthe flower and leaves with miniature gladiolus
Cerinthe flower with rocket flower and the edges of gladiolus
Miniature gladiolus in a vase with winter fruits

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In a Kettle on Monday

The kettle belonged to C’s parents, originally used for boiling water on a wood stove, but stored in a cupboard over the last few years. When C found it, the lid fell off and almost broke his toe – it takes 2 hands to carry it when full of water. I’m looking forward to having it boiling ready for a cup of tea on the wood cook stove next winter.

flowers in old cast iron kettle

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cut flowers dutch iris and narcissus

In a Vase on Monday – a sad week

C’s Dad passed away this week, having fought cancer bravely and gained a hard won year. For him, the end was a blessing I think as he was in a lot of pain yet struggled with the effect of the painkillers on his ability to communicate.
I know this doesn’t really belong in this meme – however growing and gathering and photographing flowers is my main creative expression at the moment so… all things come into it.
cut flowers iris and kniphofia and honeywort
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